What is JDBStudio?

JDBStudio is a database browser for admins written in java thus runnable on many operating systems (Windows 2000/XP, Linux/Unix, Mac X, Solaris and others). It simplifies browsing, editing and querying of databases by providing an intuitive and consistent Graphical User Interface. See some screenshots.
JDBStudio is an excellent replacement for Oracle SQL*Plus, Microsoft SQL Query Analyzer and tens of other similar tools. You don't have to use separate programs to access different databases. Use one - JDBStudio!

The included SQLEditor is a very convenient way to execute queries and run scripts. Its features include:
  • SQL syntax highlighting
  • Autocomplete functions
  • working with multiple scripts
  • working with multiple result sets
  • statement history
JDBStudio is expandable by its plugin system. Currently it supports the following plugins:
  • Firebird - native plugin supporting the Firebird SQL database engine
  • Generic - universal plugin (limited functionality) for any database providing the JDBC driver. These drivers are included in the last release: MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL, DBF and HyperSQL
You can download the latest relase of JDBStudio here.
Here you can find the installation steps and software requirements.

Contribute to JDBStudio project by PayPal donation. Any amount is welcome, however it does not make any obligation to develop requested features. By the donation you are letting the project to grow and fasten the development cycle.

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